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Fix the sound lag problem?

Hi I'm using surface tablet... the video runs smoothly but the sound just keeps lagging. Most of the videos I watch are like that. I'm not sure if its my problem or is a bug. Please let me know as soon as possible and tell the solution to this problem.

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  • Dominik commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am sometimes experiencing sound lags when 1080p videos start playing.
    It usually goes like this:
    1) loading animation comes in, no sound
    2) first frame of the video gets loaded, half a second of sound is played, then starts lagging
    3) video starts playing
    4) after half a sec the sound stops lagging and gets fine

    When viewing videos in 720p or less I do not experience this issue.

    I'm on a freshly installed Windows 8.1 laptop with i7 CPU and AMD graphics so the HW should be able to handle that :D

  • Scott Holmes commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have YouTube set to 1080P and they play fine. I have Hyper set the same and it takes longer to load. When the video is not ready instead of pausing it repeats a sound over and over again. I also just added a Chrome extension to play videos on YouTube when some have buffered and it makes playing them even better. Maybe an option for Hyper? I haven even noticed when I pause Hyper to allow it to download some that it will do the repeat sound again when there is plenty loaded. It might even play the sound, but not play the video. If I watch the same video on YouTube it plays fine.

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